Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese honeysuckle (Niyog-niyogan) - Scientific name: Quisqualis indica

Chinese honeysuckle or Niog-niogan in Tagalog is a perennial climbing shrub growing to about 2.5-8 meters at maturity. It has egg-shaped leaves, aromatic flowers that may come in white to purple orange in color. The oval-shaped fruit can reach 30-35 mm long when ripe. For medicinal purposes leaves, seeds and roots are used.

Medicinal Uses:
  •     Dried seeds, when eaten, act as deworming agents.
  •     Roasted seeds help control diarrhea and fever.
  •     Boiled leaves used to check difficulty in urinating
  •     Fruit decoction of fruit, taken as mouthwash, is effective against nephritis.
  •     Juice made from leaves are used in the treatment of ulcers, boils, and fever-induced headache.
  •     Decoctions of roots aids in reducing pain due to rheumatism.
  •     Pounded leaves are used externally for skin diseases.
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